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well, honestly...
The podcast

Our mission is to help our #brownbabes indulge in self-preservation through our organic wellness products. At Brown Women Wellness, we empower you through education to help you control your health and wellness through a lifestyle of easy and actionable steps. You can come as you are but leave as the healthy person you aspire to be.

About Brown Women Wellness

We are Andretta and Aaqila...a mother and daughter duo with different viewpoints but the same goals toward optimal health. We are proud to have built this health-conscious platform to bring change to the way Brown Women view themselves from the inside-out. A break from hair, lashes, booties and other superficial things the outside world sees and a look inside at what will make us have a healthier mindset about our bodies inside and out. We will explore all aspects of ourselves, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Hosts of Well, Honestly...

Participated as a Guest Speaker at their Annual Benefit Event

young women professional league annual benefit


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Guest Interviews

young women professional league annual benefit

Guest speaker at The Women’s Health Pavilion

3rd Annual WVON 1690AM - The Talk of Chicago - Family Health Expo 

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