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Well, Honestly... focuses on open, honest, and vulnerable conversations between mother-daughter duo Andretta and Aaqila about the health and wellbeing of Brown Women during these changing times. Nothing is off-limits. Join them as they engage in thoughtful interviews with some of the top thought leaders in the wellness industry and discuss the latest in nutrition, herbs, essential oils, and so much more. We welcome wellness advocates like you to join us and share your expertise with our engaged listeners.

So, what is Well, Honestly...The Podcast all about?

You'll get questions beforehand, and we'll let the conversation flow naturally from there. But, notes on your main points is helpful! 

Episode Notes & Talking Points

Yes, the Apple earbuds work just fine! Nothing fancy needed. Just be sure you can hear us out of the earbuds. Please no sound through the computer's speakers....earbuds only!

Wired Headphones 

This is important for our audio quality. If you don't have a professional mic, please let me know and we will send you a link with a recommended mic for you to purchase before the interview.

External Professional Microphone

What you need to record:

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 ✔ Primarily African American females, age 25+ 

 ✔ These women are located Nationwide

 ✔ They are interested in self-care, health, and wellness.

 ✔ They enjoy interacting with like-minded women on Facebook.

I recommend listening to one of our guest interviews before our interview!

We love our community of Brown Women! They are super engaging and excited to grow and progress so they lean on us to provide them direction.

So, who is listening?

YOU'LL TEACH ON THE TOPIC. You're the expert so we want to learn from you. Share as much as you can about the selected topic.


YOU'LL TELL YOUR STORY. We will introduce you and prompt you to tell us about yourself. Share your past, present, and future goals. We want to hear it all!


WE'LL CHAT BEFORE WE HIT RECORD. We won't be hopping right into the interview. I'll answer any of your questions and we can go over our topic before we start!


Here's what to expect when we record!

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