A podcast focused on health and wellness topics specifically for Brown Women.

About the Well, Honestly...The Podcast

Brown Women Wellness is a safe space for brown women to fill their cup back up with weekly topics that focus on the well-being of brown women. You know that saying, you can’t pour from an empty cup? As cliche as it sounds, there’s a reason why you keep hearing the phrase, Brown Beauties. We explore what that means and how we can all achieve putting ourselves first. Here you will get mindset gems, healthy yet soulful cooking tips and tricks, and the straight to the point knowledge on what it takes to be well in this day and age. Wrapped around witty and insightful banter you will feel like you're having girl chat with friends in your head. Want to know what it takes to "be well"? Ok. Well, Honestly...

I was fed up with diets, misdiagnosis and searching for alternative cures. After countless trips to the doctor and being told the way I was feeling was normal even when I knew that I felt off, being confused by so much misinformation on the internet and trying all kinds of products to heal and all kinds of methods I decided to take matters into my own hands. What you are seeing now is a bi-product of 20 years of research, results and life-changing holistic experiences that I look forward to sharing with you.  

I’m Andretta. Podcast Co-host and Wellness Advocate & Coach. 


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"I've been a member of the Brown Women Wellness community for years on Facebook so I was so excited to hear that they were launching a podcast! This podcast is exactly what I needed!☺️" — Anonymous

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